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A world-class cluster in biotech manufacturing

BIOPRO’s ambition is to find new ways of making biotech production more efficient and sustainable. We can achieve this goal by reducing the consumption of energy and raw materials while improving yields. The following video highlights the visions and benefits of BIOPRO.

BIOPRO is sponsored by Region Zealand, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Partners.

Nine startups are part of the project now: FreeSense, BioMatics Technology, AnalyticTrust, FRS Systems, DataIntelligence, BioScavenge, ParticleTech, GermControl and BioVisiu.

What are the benefits of BIOPRO?
  • See the possibilities for the investors

  • See the benefits for the universities

  • See the gains for the society

  • See the advantages for the companies


WORLD TALENT CAMPUS - a Danish initiative for international biotech talents

Watch more about World Talent Campus



Meet BIOPRO at High Tech Summit 2018

25 of the world's greatest biotech talents zoom in on the biotech industry in Region Zealand

BIOPRO strengthens Danish biotech

Projekt-entrepreneur/kreativ ingeniør til udvikling af nye virksomheder og med potentiale som CTO/CEO i en spin-out

Inspirational BIOPRO World Talent Campus

BIOPRO World Talent Campus challenges international PhD students

BIOPRO World Talent Campus in Danish media

Fremtidens videnskabsfolk føres sammen på Sjælland

Biotech talents from all over the world meet at BIOPRO World Talent Campus
BIOPRO poster at the CAPEC-PROCESS 2015 meeting
At the Annual DTU CAPEC-PROCESS meeting a BIOPRO project poster was presented. The CAPEC-PROCESS annual meeting was held in Copenhagen on June 5, 2015.
Invitation to BIOPRO World Talent Campus

From the 18th to the 22nd of August the World Talent Campus gathers 24 of the world's leading talents within biotech production. The invitation to the closing presentation at the event has been sent out now.

University talents learned about the opportunities offered by BIOPRO Academy

University students and high-school talents recently gathered at BIOPRO Academy in Kalundborg, Denmark, to hear more about BIOPRO and the projects supported by the partnership. 

BIOPRO boosts growth for small enterprise

The small enterprise Q-Interline has worked out a new business concept on the back of the results achieved by the BIOPRO partnership. 

Based on its collaboration with BIOPRO, Q-Interline has developed its production and now expects its turnover in the after-sales market to soar by 50 percent.

How to get more innovation out of R&D billions

In spite of a high level of R&D Denmark does not get enough innovation out of its investments. BIOPRO has developed a new collaboration model to strengthen ties between universities and industry. The aim is more growth and job creation.


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